Why FSBO is Not Your Best Option

If your getting ready to sell, you may be thinking I can list For Sale By Owner and save a few $$. While the cost of not having to pay an agent their commission out of the sale price of your home is certainly a consideration, there are a couple of things that are less obvious and sort of the “catch 22” here. Let’s discuss these 3 “catches”.


How will you market your home listed FSBO? Do you have industry connections in many areas and across many brokers like a Real Estate agent does? An agent who is well connected in their market is important to the success of the sale of your home as this is how other agents learn about your listing. Another huge deal is the agent has a reputation that buyers may recognize and trust in the industry, thus making them a first place to look for interested buyers. In fact, statically homes listed FSBO on average, sit on the market longer than those listed by an agent. This is because of all the marketing your agent has the connections to be able to do that would be out of reach for an owner. Such as newspaper ads, easily findable websites and more.


Selling and networking your home will be the main job for the agent you hire. In this day and age, we are all busy. Hiring an agent who selling your home is their job will be beneficial to your home sale. Buyers need constant contact. This, is the job of a good agent.


It’s a proven fact that homes listed by owner sell for less than with a realtor. Who wants to leave money on the table? Especially when if you list with an agent, you can get more for your home!

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