Getting Mortgage Pre-Approved

No doubt, one of the scariest parts of the home buying process is the Mortgage Pre-approval process. In this day in age, with such a fast moving <Insert Area> Real Estate Market, being pre-approved, prior to even looking at homes is important for many reasons.

With the market moving quickly, being pre-approved can be your saving grace in landing your dream home and may mean the difference between someone else instead of you purchasing your perfect house. Another reason to get pre-approval prior to house hunting is because motivated sellers will be more willing to let your agent show your home. Many people don’t think of what a seller has to put up with when their home is on the market, such as keeping the house tidy for showings and fielding many phone calls from agents wanting to visit. Not a terrible task by any means, but more and more with our busy lives, it’s not uncommon for sellers to ask agents to only bring qualified buyers to visit.

The process of pre-approval can be daunting though. Deciding which programs you may qualify for, or which interest rates and offers are the best to take can be nerve racking. That’s why you should always work with a Loan Officer who is as experienced in the home buying process as we are. Someone with years of experience working with clients similar to you who are buying homes similar to the one you are looking for.

We recommend <Insert Loan Officer Name> at <Insert Office>. <He/She> Brings an exceptional track record of  helping over <# of closings> close on their dream home in not only a timely manner but with the best loan possible for them! Check out their website at <Website>.

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